Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Guess who's back? Back again ... =) Hey. Another decade has passed! LOL ... Man, I really have to update this more often. Well, this is what's been going on ...

I just got my contacts! Whoo-hoo! Finally! I kept postponding it and postponding it. It doesn't feel so great in the beginning, but I'm almost use to them I guess. I hate how sometimes my eyes get out of focus. Other than that, contacts are great. Wait, another bad point. You have to clean it like crazy. Yup. Eww, I heard this story from Barbie (Pauline)...She watched the news and it said that there was this one time where a girl didn't clean her contacts well enough. An amoeba began to grow in her eye and it ate her cornea! YUCK! That's really sick. I am gonna keep mine SOOOOO CLEAN! I'm serious people, clean you contacts! Damn, that girl must've been a dirty freak! Anyways...

School's almost back. Cramming all the shit I had to do two months ago. Hahaha, that's not good at all. Oh well. Senior year ... Wow ... I don't get how some people can just go through their Senior year as if nothing happened. They just go thru it like ... ehh, whatever ... Man, it's your senior year! Make the best of it! Oh, you guys should download Dropline's "Graduation Day (Fly Away From Here)." It's a really great song. Sad, but INSPIRATIONAL. I love this song. GO DOWNLOAD IT!! NOW!! =)

Ok, gotta get back to my reading. I will talk to you guys later. Sorry for the short entries. More next time ... See ya later alligator~ =)

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Hey all. Back again. I haven't written since the last decade or two. Hahaha, whatta lazy ass I am! I'm at my grandma's once again. What?! It's pretty cool here. =) So, how've you guys been? Good, I hope ... Me? Screwed up the crack! Here's why...

I have three books to read (one of them is a political one, too *sign*), a paper to write, SAT's to study for, blah, blah, blah. And how much time do I have left? Arghh, this sucks! I hate myself for procrastinating...Dammnit! Why did I have to be such a lazy ass? Arghhhhh...Whatever...

Guess what? School's almost back! It has it's goods and bads. Hey, you get to go school shopping again! Whoo-hoo! That's the fun part. You know, new clothes and new supplies; just a fresh new year. And the first day of school. I always look forward to that. I wonder who's gonna be in me classes. Bad part: our last year. =( ... Well, I know for a fact that I'm gonna make the best of my Senior year by doing lots of stuff. So yeah ... Oh, and I got new glasses. $200 man! I'm gonna treat them like they're my baby. LOL. Oh, and my mom agreed to letting me get contacts! Whoo-hoo, again! LOL. I've always wanted contacts. Now, I get glasses and contacts! =D So, up yours! J/K

Man, I'm kinda tired. I think I'll stop here. 'Til next time ...

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Sorry visitors, for I have been extremely busy with Senior Class stuff and my personal stuff. Well, at least I update! Not like other people. =) Let's see, well, here goes:

I have been at my grandma's house a LOT lately. I really like it there. I have my three baby cousins there to fiddle around with when I'm bored. And hey, I'm bored often! =) It's like, I love my house; it's the best place on earth, don't get me wrong. I just really like it at my grandma's house on weekdays because I'm not home alone. You know how boring it is?! VERY! Yup.

I am so screwed again. I have been procrastinating like a bitch. Now, I'm stuck with two books, three SAT II's and SATs to study for. This is great. Oh, and about two papers. GOSH! Why is it that I intend to do my work on time, but I always find a way out of it? I always, I mean, ALWAYS try to find an excuse out of summer school work. To tell you the truth, I am looking forward to starting school again. I want to experience things Senior year that I have never experience before. Just little things, you know?

Well, we have an ASB Senate meeting again on Thursday. It's going to be like two hours long. Yes, it is mandatory. I think the time is: 12 pm - 2 pm. It's going to be in Panther's Lair, of course. JW (John Walton .. LOL) is back, so he's gonna be there watching us and giving us input. I hope this meeting is good. We're gonna be reading off the constitution (YAY for Steven) and stuff like that. Man, we are having a lot of ASB meetings now-a-days. Usually, there's only one during the summer. Oh well. I guess it's better to let one another know what's going on. Anyways, I like those meetings. They're very ... I dunnoe, professional? I think that's the word. Hahaha.. There's gonna be lunch for us, so yay! I don't have to waste anymore money. That's a PLUS +. There's going to be a Jamba Juice O-Rama Day on Thursday, August 8th for Senior Class. This event is again for fundraising purposes. PLEASE COME. It's the last day of summer school. Go celebrate by buying a cup of that delicious JAMBA JUICE!!! I was so disappointed at the Cold Stone Nite, because everyone said they would come, but only a few people showed up. Please come this time to help us! I mean, Senior Class is fundraising so that YOU SENIORS (Yeah, YOU!) can have things cheaper year round. It's fine with me if we don't fundraise and have the prices expensive. It's up to you guys. I've tried and tried to convince people to go, but it doesn't work. It's like I'm begging people for their good. People, if you want a cheap year. then GO! We're doing so much for your benefit! To help you!Buying a cup of Jamba Juice isn't going to hurt. Who doesn't like Jamba? You know you want a cup of that "heavenly" (-- quoted: Nathalie) smoothie. Just bring your coupon, buy a cup, and leave or just hang out, k? Kool, thanx. =)

Anyways, I'm going to study for SATs now. I'm been writing long enough. I'll write again soon. I promise! =) 'Til then, that's all folks!

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Wow, it was a fun nite yesrerday night. LOL .. We (Nancy, Tracey, Nathalie, Pearl, Vi, and Barbie [Pauline]) had a Movie Night at Nancy's. Man, was it fun! Vi picked me up at my restaurant. We arrived at Nancy's at around .. 8:30 .. We stayed 'till 11:30. We watched "A Walk To Remember" and then dumb Pearl wanted to watch "On The Line." We played the Bandana Game and told "scary" stories in Nancy's room. It was funny. Well, we ate licorice, almond jello, chips, soda, donuts from Barbie, pizza, and candy. Yup. We had a little cheap pillow fight. Nancy's room is fun. Man, she has like a thousand pillows. Why does she need so many?! Hahaha...

I need to get on my studying. God, why do i always try to find a way out of studying?! I am gonna have to forge meself. And DMV. I need to take the written test. Man, I'm SLACKING!!! I can't be a slacker!! I can't! Someone yell at me and pressure me, PLEASE! That's when I know that I really have to get going. Ya know? =)

Man, I'm tired. I should be studying right now. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna study right now. So I'll write next time, got that?! Hahah...So, that's all folks!

Friday, July 26, 2002

Hello, me friends. I'm back, again. Let's see...Lately, I've pretty much been a lazy ass. Didn't really do anything. How 'bout you? =) Yeah, I'm never in the mood for stuff. I dunnoe why.

There's A LOT going on with Senior Class, though. We're doing a lot of fundraisers and stuff. These are the upcoming activities: 1. 07.30.02 - COLD STONE NITE ~~ WHEN: 11am - 10pm ~~ WHERE: The one in Alhambra between 1st and Main St ~~ WHY: To support C/O 2003, and for a cheaper, and better Senior Year. ~~ HOW: Pick up a ticket from Mrs. Boba in Rm 10 or from us, buy ice-cream, and just hang out. Give your receipt and ticket to the cashier. For every ice-cream you buy, we get 25% of the profits. So please help us!! 2. DONATION CAR WASH! ~~ WHEN: 8am - 2pm ~~ WHERE: RHS Student Parking Lot near the AUD ~~ WHY: Ditto above. ~~ HOW: Come get your car washed and donate as much money as you want; but please don't be a cheap ass! ;-) .. 3. GARAGE SALE ~~ TBA. 4. SENIOR SWEATSHIRTS - PLEASE SUBMIT DESIGNS! PLEASE! ... And that's about it. I really hope you support our fundraisers because that's the money we need in order to have a more successful year! Thanx...

There was an ASB meeting today at 12. It went pretty well, in my opinion. I mean, the classes got to elaborate on what they have been doing. Just a nice thing to get everyone up-to-date. We talked about Winterball and the free Freshmen dance. That's about it basically. I don't know why, but I like those meetings. It's ... I dunnoe .. fun? I don't know. Maybe that's not the word, but it's pretty kool. Hahaha... Yeah. ..

That's basically it for now. I'm gonna go eat some fried rice right now. I'll write more later or something, k? Okay then. Bye~!